OPL3 FM Synthesis Parallel Port Sound Card

OPL3 FM Synthesis Parallel Port Sound Card

OPL3LPT is the successor to the OPL2 'AdLib' FM Synthesis Parallel Port Sound Card that brings OPL3 FM Synthesis to IBM Compatible computers without ISA expandability, such as vintage laptops, PCs with proprietary desktop form factors and modern PCs with Parallel Ports.

OPL3LPT connects to your Parallel Port and outputs OPL3 music through Analogue Audio Out.  

  • DOS game compatibility uses the 'adlipt' project.
  • TSR driver ADLIPT can be used for for 386 and later PCs to route FM Synthesis to the Parallel Port.
  • Game Patch Utility can be used on any x86 processor (Including 8086 and 80286) to patch MS-DOS games to route FM Synthesis to the Parallel Port. 
  • A non-exhaustive list of known compatible games can be found here.
    • Compatibility Notice (Dec 15th, 2018): To solve compatibility issues with certain old PC types like PCJr, a 1K pull up resistor can be added to the strobe pin. All kits sold, from now on, will include this additional 1K resistor. Please find the details here.
  • OPLT2TEST and OPL3TEST are also provided as testing utilities.

Device Features

  • Features genuine Yamaha OPL3 Chipset (YM262, YAC512)
  • Headphone Amp


  • Please visit our Downloads section for more documentation and updated software.
  • A special version of the AdLib Tracker that fully supports OPL3LPT can be found on the AdLib Tracker GitHub.

Audio Samples

  • OPL3LPT Demonstrations by Serdaco:

  • OPL3LPT Demonstration by DOS Nostalgia:


  • OPL3LPT Review by Phil's Computerlab:

  • OPL3LPT Review by Retrocengo:


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